Every Moment Is a Window to Learning

Continuous Improvement is fed by continuous learning: From mistakes, ours and others’. From reading short, shared thoughts like this.

From watching short videos and webinars and listening to podcasts. From attending “formal” workshops, training events, LCI CoP meetings, university classes and the annual LCI Design Forum (in April) and LCI Congress (in October, Detroit) .

Not everyone around you has your same passion for learning. It may not have been fostered when they were growing up. Or they are sleep-deprived and have scaled down what they care about. Or, or, or….


Example: for the decade or so Kyle Martinez, Andy Fulton, Rene Bustamante and I have been together, in casual discussion – riding in a car to a client meeting or out to dinner – when we stumble across a term or fact we don’t know, one of us will say, “Hold on, let me google it.” And in 20 seconds we’ve shared a new piece of information and learned something.

It’s that simple.

We endeavor to bring this quickness and simplicity to all of our work. Our Construction Accelerator® videos are 3-9 minutes and on individual topics. Little bursts of learning tied together like a strand of pearls. This Lean Design & Construction Blog is topic-organized but easily searchable with short, highly visual, well-researched ideas and stories. Our in-person and virtual facilitation is upbeat, energetic, and infused with this same thirst for learning consistent with our approach to life.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably a similar “thirsty mind”. So, what’s YOUR OWN tip or technique for continuous learning?

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