Tracking Handoffs Between Trades Last Planner System®


What is it and what purpose does it serve?

The Percent of Promises Complete (PPC) is the percentage of commitments met vs. the total number of commitments made. This percentage gives the team a snapshot of how the team is doing with their commitments to each other. Reliable Promises = smoother work flow = higher productivity.

How to collect the information

At the end of a ‘plan’ week, simply count the number of commitments completed and divide that by the total number of commitments made. If you are consistent with the daily check-ins, this process becomes quick and seamless with the overall process.

What to do with the information

The PPC needs to be recorded & displayed visually so that the team can monitor how well they are doing with their commitments over time. The recommended method is to use a flip-chart page posted on the trailer wall or a simple spreadsheet (ask your coach for a format) with the plan week and the PPC for that specific week. Over time, build a graph showing the historical PPC. This graph quickly shows if the team is trending up towards 100% of commitments met or if they are trending down to industry standard of 54% (for projects not using Last Planner®).

Perform at beginning of weekly Foreman’s Meeting, (15-30 MINUTES)

Did (Status tags, Variance, PPC)

▪ Ensure Foremen have statused the past week’s (5-6 working days) commitments by making a diagonal line through all tags if completed on time and the Superintendent has confirmed by making an “X”.

o Turn missed commitments 45 degrees.

o For each miss (if not done in Daily Check-In): ask “5. Whys” and record on back of tag the reason for the miss.

o Record all “Variance Causes” (reasons for misses) on a variance log to identify repeat problems.
– Discuss what we’re going to do to remove reasons for misses – assign responsible person and date the “fix” is due.

▪ Calculate and record the past week’s PPC. PPC= Total # of Completed Promises Total # of Promises

▪ If 80% or better give “ATTABOYS”, if under 80% discuss how we’re going to raise the PPC this week.

▪ Take a photo of the previous week for the record and then remove all tags and shift the blank board to become the new “Week 6” board.

Should (Review Key Dates)

▪ Review important upcoming milestones that will guide discussions on when the next 6 weeks of work needs to be completed. These may be further out then the 6 weeks of the WWP.

▪  Add interim milestones every 2 weeks to stay on track towards larger more important milestones.

Can (Update Plan, Make Work Ready)

▪ Foremen create new tags for activities occurring in week six.

▪ Foremen discuss sequence of upcoming work and handoffs.The next two weeks are a promise, weeks 3-6 is a plan.

▪ Identify constraints for upcoming work and assignment a responsible person and due date for each. Make constraints visible by adding stickers, extra tags, posting on the wall, or by some other means.

Will (Make Reliable Promises)

▪ Review the constraints log, ensure each has a responsible person and due date. Ask one more time if there are any obstacles that could prevent the team from executing the work as planned.

▪ Review tasks for the next two weeks and get commitments from each foreman. Ask, “Are these your promises?” Wait for an affirmative answer from each person. 

Go on to other foreman business.
For more information and to find 3-9 minute videos on this topic, CLICK HERE.

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